Who We Are?

Humanity is the religion we believe in.
We intend to make the world a better place by doing our bit as a human being.

A Non-Profit Team Working Worldwide

With a rich and harmonic heritage, India’s past is often depicted as being correlated to nature, and it is often talked about how its culture has an impeccable synergy with mother earth. Our traditions celebrate mother nature, and our people relish it. ... Read more

Our Voluteers

Our volunteers are determined to selflessly serve society.
The Sacred Tree welcomes everyone who wishes to be a part of it and render their precious time and selfless services to the needy.

Praveen Tyagi

"The Sacred Tree is doing the right thing. Very excited to be part of this event!"

Rinki Tyagi

“I know that the donation I make here is extremely important for the future of my children."

Rani Kumari

“Let’s make humanity a trend in this trendy world.”

Priya Chandan

“Once you savour the taste of humanity, nothing tastes sweeter.”

Kunal Singh

"By helping others, we are teaching our future generations."

Shivam Pandey

“It’s our duty to give back to the society that gives us so much.”

Sunil Patki

“Love is the language of happiness. Let everyone learn it.”