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Urban Poverty in India

Poverty is undeniably the biggest challenge for many developing countries. It is mainly of two types, namely, Rural poverty and Urban poverty. As the name suggests, rural poverty is found in rural areas. Whereas, urban Poverty is prevalent in megacities in most developing countries like India. Its main characteristics include low income, substandard living conditions, lack of basic amenities, and low quality of life. With urbanization and rapid industrialization taking over the rural economy, migration becomes obvious. People migrate from rural areas to urban areas to earn a living. These migrants often find it difficult to adjust to the new and comparatively expensive lifestyle. Therefore, the uneducated, unskilled/semi-skilled, malnourished migrants settle wherever they find a place. These people become a community over time and live at the periphery of society where they often live in inhumane conditions.

India has the second largest population in the world. Consequently, poverty in India is particularly deep-rooted. Nearly two-thirds of the people live in poverty. Moreover, the lack of housing facilities, unavailability of job opportunities, and overcrowding make it even worse. There is a need to address the issue of urban poverty by providing more job opportunities, better urban planning, slum rehabilitation, and improving India’s rural life. The Government takes different steps to address the issue of urban poverty. These include the various employment and housing schemes run by the Government. 

Although, merely government initiatives are not enough. There is a need for people to take their stance. Therefore, The Sacred Tree acknowledges that we must stand up to help others as responsible citizens. We prioritize the task of helping the poor and needy. Therefore, we conduct regular health check-up camps, dental check-up camps, food grains distribution, and collect donations to help the students to turn their dreams into reality.


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Urban Slums in India

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