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Urban Slums in India

Urban Slums in India

India constitutes 17.9% of the total world population. Being a developing country, a large number of people live in poverty. They often migrate from one place to another looking for better living conditions. However, not everyone is able to cope up with the sudden change in lifestyle and settle in undefined areas forming urban slums. These slum areas have unsafe, substandard housing, overcrowding, unhealthy living conditions, and lack basic facilities like sanitation, healthcare, and so on.

Moreover, India is home to Asia’s biggest slum, Dharavi. More than a million people live here. But what is the cause of the rise of such slums? What is life like in urban slums? 

The economy has the answer. Although slum areas have a low standard of living, they are much more affordable than any other housing/settlement. People often migrate to urban areas in search of better job opportunities, education, housing, safety, and more. But the situation is not the same for everyone. Some people fail to afford a good house and meet the expenses of the urban settlement. Therefore, they settle in odd areas in/around the city or close to their workplace. These areas incur much less living costs, easing survival in a foreign land.

Not only these areas lack the basic facilities, but also fall back in terms of availability of basic healthcare facilities. Although the Government introduces different plans and schemes to help the people living in slums, the initiatives alone are never enough. As responsible citizens of the country, it is our duty as well to help fellow citizens lead a good life. The Sacred Tree welcomes people who are willing to fight for a cause and devote themselves to serve others. You can help by becoming a volunteer or donate to help someone realize a dream.


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